BoxStar – High Brightness Sign Box LED System

Introducing the EGL BoxStar LED System

  • Finally ….. a competitively priced LED system for sign cabinets and larger channel letters that offers face brightness comparable to conventional fluorescent sign lamps. Supplied as a standard module string, BoxStar® can be used as a light source in a variety of signage applications, including mounting on readily available rail to produce up to 450 lumens per linear foot (900 lumens per linear foot for double sided signs). With its superior brightness and a CRI rating far higher than standard fluorescent sign lamps, colors of backlit vinyls and graphics will be bold, bright and true.
  • Long life, energy saving alternative to fluorescents in sign boxes and larger channel letters. Easy to install. Long service life compared to conventional fluorescent lamps.
  • 112 lumens per module as supplied, delivered via high specification, high efficiency Seoul Semiconductor LED with high maximum junction temperature and very low thermal resistance, ensuring minimal light degradation even at elevated sign temperatures.
  • 450+ lumens per linear foot per face attainable in sign cabinets and with a CRI of 85, graphics are rendered as intended – bright and accurate.
  • Uses standard 12VDC LED power supplies.
  • Highly versatile. Use as supplied, or mounted to readily available extrusion for uniform light distribution in single and double sided sign cabinets. Also available pre-mounted on installation friendly, lightweight rail system – ideal for field retrofit applications.
  • 5 year warranty.

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