EGL Analog Vacuum Gauge

The VR6 Analog Vacuum Gauge is a rugged reliable thermocouple- type instrument. Available in the 0-1000 micron range. The gauge features a large easy-to- read analog display with 1 micron divisions in the 0-10 micron range. The gauge tubes have a 1/8” male NPT thread. The gauge is supplied with an 10’ cable for the gauge tube. Complete unit includes gauge tube and grounding unit.


  • Analog Vacuum Gauge, Complete, 0-1000 120/60Hz – EGL Part Number 735340
  • Analog Vacuum Gauge, Complete, 0-1000 220/50Hz – EGL Part Number 735341
  • Gauge only 120/60Hz – EGL Part Number 735350
  • Gauge only 220/50Hz – EGL Part Number 735351
  • Gauge Tube – EGL Part Number 735360