EGL Maxi-Vac Single-Stage Borosilicate Oil Diffusion Pump

This efficient oil diffusion pump provides pressures of 1 x 10-5 Torr at a pumping rate of approximately 8-10 liters/second (up to 600 liters/minute) depending on backing pump. This pump has no moving parts for easy maintenance. The Diffusion Pump intake port is 25mm diameter with a compression fitting that will accommodate 15 to 18mm glass. The Foreline (Exhaust) port is 18mm diameter. Complete system including: Vertical support rod with base, pancake heater mantle with support, clamp to secure pump, heater controller, and finest quality diffusion pump oil.


  • 120V/60 Hz Model Complete – EGL Part Number 734300
  • 220V/50 Hz Model Complete – EGL Part Number 734301
  • Diffusion Pump Glass Only – EGL Part Number 734305
  • Pancake Heater Mantle 120V/60Hz- EGL Part Number 734320
  • Pancake Heater Mantle 220V/50Hz – EGL Part Number 734321
  • Heater Controller 120V/60Hz – EGL Part Number 734315
  • Heater Controller 220V/50Hz – EGL Part Number 734316
  • Pancake Heater Support Ring – EGL Part Number 713055
  • Vertical Support Rod with Base – EGL Part Number 713050
  • Diffusion Pump Clamp – EGL Part Number 713060
  • 50ml Clear Diffusion Pump Oil – EGL Part Number 735010