EGL Gas Transfer Systems



Simply eliminating system shutdowns for flask replacements will justify investing in this system. In addition, it offers:

– Gas purity: Gas bottled in cylinders maintains its highest purity.
– Tighter control: With the system’s pressure gauge, stopcock leakage is virtually non-existent.
– Better economy: Liter-for-liter, costs are reduced by purchasing in bulk. EGL tanks are available in 25 liter sizes.

Additionally, since the tanks are capable of being filled to a much higher pressure than glass flasks, 100% of gas volume will be used rather than approximately 80% when utilizing the glass flasks.

The EGL Gas Transfer System provides uninterrupted flow of pure Neon, Argon, or special gas mixtures into tubes for neon signs, cold cathode, etc. A precision-made filling valve eliminates the use of two glass stopcocks. Clean gas flow is guaranteed, as compared to double-stopcock systems which require constant lubrication and can allow air leakage into glass flasks. No entrapped grease vapors are automatically pushed into the neon tubes when the glass stopcocks are used.

No gas losses are incurred when changing glass flasks with small immeasurable volumes of remaining gases. No labor charges are incurred for each changing of replacement flasks. For example, one twenty five (25) liter cylinder will eliminate 25 bottle changes. A system can hold 100% of its gases indefinitely, unlike glass stopcocks which cannot prevent seepage for long periods of time.

Gas Transfer Systems and Components


  • Gas Transfer System (Excluding Tank – One System required per gas tank) – EGL Party Number 448510
  • Pressure Gauge – EGL Part Number 448520
  • Robbins Valve with fittings – EGL Part Number 733005
  • Glass fitting for Robbins valve – EGL Part Number 733010
  • Metal fitting for Robbins valve – EGL Part Number 733020
  • Washer compression set for metal side – EGL Part Number 448005
  • Teflon washer compression set for glass side – EGL Part Number 448010