LED Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you use Seoul Semiconductor LEDs in your sign lighting modules?
Seoul Semiconductor a South Korean company, has been at the forefront of LED development and manufacturing for over 25 years and their high quality LEDs have been used in demanding, high end, lighting applications all over the world.

The LEDs used in the V640L and BoxStar II modules have been chosen for their high specification (particularly temperature rating which exceeds Nichia and Samsung LEDs used in other premium sign lighting modules), superior CRI and tight color binning. Manufacturer data sheets and LM80 test results for these LEDs are available upon request.

Why should I be using high CRI LED modules in my sign lighting projects?
In simple terms, the CRI (Color Rendering Index) of a light source tells us how well it portrays colors. It was primarily developed to describe the quality of light reflected from colored surfaces, but EGL has determined that high CRI LEDs when used in backlighting situations make a substantial difference to the appearance of a sign face. This applies to single color vinyls and acrylics, but it is especially dramatic when lighting multicolor faces and digitally printed graphics.

The higher the CRI value the better colors are rendered. EGL LED modules have a typical rating CRI of 85, which means sign face colors will be rendered as intended – bold, bright and true. Most competitors LED modules are in the 70s at best.

Are LED modules better if they have an optical lens?
Not necessarily. It depends on the 3 dimensions of a sign. EGL has determined that LED modules with lenses can result in a more evenly lit face in channel or cabinet depths of 5” or less. For this reason we have designed our V640L module with a 160° “batwing” style lens. However, in channel letters and cabinets over 5” deep, the 120° lambertian distribution pattern of our higher output BoxStar II module concentrates the brightness at the face where needed.

Be sure to contact EGL for advice on which LED module to use in your application, and take advantage of our free layout / population service.

How important is the price per foot of LED modules to the overall cost of my sign?
LED module cost per foot is not the only parameter to take in account when choosing a LED lighting system. The overall quality of the module (e.g. overall design, component specification, current regulation) should always be a factor but there are less obvious considerations that could seriously affect the appearance of the sign and its “true” cost. These include:

  • Lumen per foot / module brightness
  • Appropriate level of face illumination
  • Module wattage / efficiency – can affect power supply requirements
  • Ease of installation / wiring

Another important hidden cost is the number of modules allowed in a series run. For example some manufacturers may state that a total of 80 modules can be loaded on a 60W power supply, but with a restriction of only 20 modules in series otherwise loss of brightness will occur. This will result in many more branch circuits in the sign, requiring additional wire, connectors and labor costs, plus the possibility of assembly error.

EGL modules have no restrictions on series run length.