EGL Maxi-Vac MXV-50

EGL MaxivacComplete Maxi-Vac™ MXV-50 “SYSTEM II” Pumping System For Gas Tanks with the following options: Second “Y” piece, two gas transfer systems and tanks, and second vacuum pump. Stand not available from EGL. Most components sold seperately

Superior design and construction provide the fastest, most consistent pumping speeds, and the brightest, cleanest neon tubes attainable
The MAXI-VAC™ manifold virtually eliminates the leakage, breakage, contamination, and downtime common to older systems by eliminating the components that cause it. Gone forever are the grease-type stopcocks, numerous connections, and maze of fragile glass tubing which result in wasted repair time and, worse still, finished neon products of inconsistent quality.

Heavy Wall, Large Diameter Manifold Tubing
Short lengths of heavy wall 50mm diameter borosilicate tubing are welded in a compact configuration which has the fewest possible number of connections, then annealed to remove strain. The result is an extremely strong assembly that provides the highest possible flow rates, maximum vaccum integrity, minimal gas waste, and the easiest interior access for cleaning.

Large Bore, Grease-Free Stopcocks
The MAXI-VAC™ manifold employs the fewest number of stopcocks to minimize the possibility of leakage. The two 25mm diameter main stopcocks are larger than on any other pumping manifold, providing the highest pumping rates. The stopcocks are machined from durable Teflon and feature a new coarse thread design that provides long life, fast actuation, and easy removal and re-threading for cleaning. The stopcocks are also grease-free, eliminating the contamination problem of grease-type stopcocks 100 percent.