#200 VACUUM OIL (1 liter) EGL Part Number 735210
Superior vacuum oil to #119 that offers lower vapor pressure, less backstreaming and higher flash point temperature.

FLUSHING OIL (1 gal.) EGL Part Number 735300
Swift, safe removal of harmful sediment and contamination from high vacuum pumps is accomplished by using this specially developed oil. One or two flushings clean accumulated residues and protect the pump. Its use considerably improves high vacuum production. The pump can be refilled with operating oil immediately after flushing. This oil is for flushing only, and should not be used for high vacuum operation.

#43 VACUUM PUMP OIL (1 gal.) Part No. 735100
A custom blended general purpose vacuum pump oil utilizing advanced feedstocks. This economical alternative to molecularly distilled fluids possesses a vapor pressure of 2×10-4 torr at a temperature of 25C. It is particularly useful in applications where frequent fluid changes cause large volumes of fluids to be used. Used for belt driven pumps