Accuwall® Machine-Drawn 5-Foot Colored Glass Tubing

ACCUWALL® tubing is the machine-drawn colored glass that’s easy to bend, opening a world of design freedom for neon signmakers. It offers a more consistent wall thickness outside diameter, and more uniform color than traditional colored glass tubing, allowing you to bend and process the sturdiest and most vivid signage attainable in less time, with far less breakage. ACCUWALL® tubing is available uncoated, or coated with EGL’s proprietary rare-earth phosphors. All have fire-polished ends.

EGL Color8mm10mm12mm15mm
Ruby Red (coated)367708367710367712367715
Ruby Red (clear)397308397310397312397315
Bromo Blue (coated)368710368712368715
Bromo Purple (coated)373710373712373715
Bromo Blue (clear)398310398312398315
Emerald Green (coated)370610370612370615
E-50 Noviol Gold366708366710366712366715
P-73 True Gold371308371310371312371315
S-81 Medium Yellow369608369610369612369615
E-60 Casino Gold371508371510371512371515
Apple Green (green coated noviol)372710372712372715
Noviol Gold (clear)396310396312396315
Orange (coated)369710369712369715
Aquamarine (coated)371710371712-
Aquamarine (clear)394310394312-