neon electrodes

EGL electrodes have consistently raised the industry standards for reliability and performance since their introduction in 1930.To ensure rigid quality control, all phases of manufacturing are performed in-house, including emission coating, inverter welding shells with lead wires, and sealing and centering the mounts in glass envelopes.

Today, EGL manufactures over 25 standard and custom electrodes – the world’s broadest line – to satisfy your most specialized requirement without compromise.

The latest addition to the growing family of EGL electrodes is the “ADVANTAGE™” electrode series, combining the features you need for the ultimate in brilliance, clarity, and longevity.

All EGL electrodes are made in the USA and are readily available from your local distributor.

Advantage® ElectrodePart NumbermA RatingShell TypeShell DiamterShell LengthGlass DiameterGlass Length
10C Advantage®122100LFC20-309SC1/4"3/4"10mm2"
T 10C Advantage®122200LFC20-309SC1/4"3/4"10mm2"
12CM Advantage®119554LF3012MCC5/16"3/4"12mm2"
T 12CM Advantage®119654LF3012MCC5/16"3/4"12mm2"
12CL Advantage®120909LF30-4512CC5/16"1-1/16"12mm2.5"
T 12CL Advantage®121009LF30-4512CC5/16"1-1/16"12mm2.5"
15CM Advantage®117204LF30-4515MCC3/8"1"15mm2.375"
T 15CM Advantage®117304LF30-4515MCC3/8"1"15mm2.375"
15CL Advantage® 2 5/8114805LF8015CC3/8"1-1/4"15mm2.625"
T 15CL Advantage® 2 5/8114905LF8015CC3/8"1-1/4"15mm2.625"


12CMThis electrode is designed for use on 8 – 12mm neon tubing. Neon tubing must not exceed 8 feet and consideration to the electrode size must be exercised during processing. This electrode is rated to operate at 30mA maximum current. Correct processing levels must be monitored with a Milliamp Meter and Torr or Positive Pressure Gauge.
12CLThis electrode is designed for use on 12 – 13mm neon tubing. It is rated for operation on 30 – 45mA transformers and has a longer shell for use on Accuwall classic tubing and units that may require higher current levels during processing. We suggest the use of 12CM electrodes on smaller diameter units of 8 – 10mm tubing.
15CMOur most popular electrode for use in housings or where short returns are used. It is rated for operation on 30 – 45mA transformers and can be used on neon units up to 10 feet long provided processing is monitored with all necessary gauges. Since it has a 500mA processing level, this electrode can also be used on smaller dia meters of tubing.
15CLThis electrode can be used on all 15mm neon tubes and is rated for use on transformer up to 80mA. It can be ordered in 2 different glass sleeve lengths (2.625 & 2.875 inches). It is not recommended for use on tubing diameters smaller than 15mm due to the high processing current required to fully process the shell. This electrode has successfully outperformed all electrode life tests against our competitors. This shell construction requires full system gauges when processing for best results to insure all recommended levels are achieved and vacuum levels during bombardment are monitored to insure shells are evenly processed.