EGL Neon Color Chart

EGL Accuwall Colors

Coated Emerald Green/Ar – Vibrant Concentrated Rich Green

Coated Bromo Blue/Ar – Intense Concentrated Blue

Coated Ruby Red/Ar – True Deep Intense Red

P-73 Noviol Gold/Ar – True Gold

E-50 Noviol Gold – Bright Yellow

EGL Colors

Horizon Blue – Rare Earth

E-40 Blue

HP Neo Blue – Double Coat

Seacrest – Rare Earth

Coral Pink

EGL 4500

Designer 65 White

Clear Brite Yellow II – Double Coat


New Clear Gold – Double Coat

E3000 Warm White

Casino Gold

VP Green II – Double Coat

Green II

Purple II

*Color accuracy is subject to the limitations of your computer monitor.

Always use pumped samples for accurate color matches.