EGL Gases


EGL standard and blended gas mixtures are shipped in 12 Liter or 25 Liter gas tanks and 2.25 Liter glass flasks. All gases are bottled in a state of the art rare gas plant, using precise apparatus and techniques. 25 Liter gas tanks feature a CGA580 industry standard valve. 12 Liter tanks feature “aerosol” European style valve.

Gas TypeCharacteristics
EGL NeonExcellent for clear red units,or for coated tubing.
EGL ArgonFor low-voltage fluorescent tubes and fluorescent lamps. Mercury required. Not recommended for outdoor use.
EGL BlueEGL’s standard mixture for warmer climates — used in clear or fluorescent-coated tubing with added mercury.
EGL K4The best for all-weather applications, from below-zero regions to the tropics. The high percentage of Ne in K4 provides the heat necessary to completely vaporize mercury under cold weather conditions. Mercury required. Proven 14 to 49% brighter than competitive cold weather gases by an independent laboratory.
EGL HeliumFor clear glass tubes – giving pale flesh-pink color, or – when using noviol-coated tubing, a warm gold tone. Must be used at a lower pressure than normal (4-6 mm typically).
KryptonIn coated glass, Krypton (Kr) has much the same effect as Ar. IN clear glass, the color could be best described as pale platinum. Should not be filled to pressure higher than 12mm because of the tendency to develop linear discharge.
XenonXenon (Xe) is similar to Kr in color, but principally used in special effects for linear discharge or for high-pressure flash tubes. This is a relatively high-resistance gas.

GasSizePart Number
EGL Neon2.25 Flask412001
12 Liter Aerosol Can435800
25 Liter Tank436000

GasSizePart Number
EGL K42.25 Flask414001
12 Liter Aerosol Can435700
25 Liter Tank438000

GasSizePart Number
EGL Argon2.25 Flask413001
12 Liter Aerosol Can435600
25 Liter Tank437000

GasSizePart Number
EGL Blue2.25 Flask411001
12 Liter Aerosol Can435900
25 Liter Tank435000

GasSizePart Number
EGL Helium25 Liter Tank438600
Krypton25 Liter Tank432000
Xenon25 Liter Tank434000

*All 25 Liter Tanks have CGA 580 Valve