EGL Neon Tubing

EGL has introduced more new colors in the last 15 years than any other source – stunning, saturated colors that give your neon signage, channel letters, and architectural lighting unequaled brilliance, uniformity, and longevity.For top performance and cost effectiveness in both general and specialized applications, EGL produces neon tubing of many types including:
– SIGNMATE™ Single-Coated Tubing
– SIGNMATE II™ Double-Coated Tubing
ACCUWALL® Coated and Uncoated Colored Glass Tubing
Rare Earth Phosphor Coated Tubing
C.L. Designer® Coated Tubing – Up to 300% brighter than conventional neon
Cold Cathode Tubing

Choose from one of the world’s largest tubing color selections now in stock for immediate shipment, including colors comparable to other makers, but with superior batch-to-batch consistency. No other neon producer provides faster turn-around on special colors.EGL’s proprietary phosphor coatings dramatically boost adhesion, uniformity, brightness and long term color stability – virtually eliminating flaking, color washout, and darkening at bends and splices. EGL phosphor coatings combine special adhesives, the world’s finest phosphors and a range of proprietary additives – specially processed, uniformly coated, baked and annealed in computer controlled ovens at 1000°F (532°C).Developed and supported by the industry’s most renowned phosphor chemists with more than 80 years of combined experience, these formulations deliver unmatched brightness and stability without flaking, washout, ripples, specks, or darkening at the bends (even with shades of blue).With EGL’s Total Quality Management Program, you can count on consistent color and longevity, tube-to-tube, box-to-box, year-to-year. All EGL tubing is individually straightened, fire-polished, washed, and dried, using EGL’s special Sani- Dry process to eliminate residue contamination. It is then coated, baked, and annealed, reducing glass stress and strain.The world’s finest phosphors, proprietary adhesives, and special additives combine to provide unmatched brilliance and consistency without flaking, even at the tightest bends.

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EGL Signmate™ 4-Foot Coated Tubing

6500 Snowhite314010LF314012LF314015LF
E3000 Warm White323010LF323012LF323015LF
E10 Green311010LF311012LF311015LF
E40 Blue310110LF310112LF310115LF
Horizon Blue341010LF341012LF341015LF
Coral Pink329010LF329012LF329015LF
E30 Snowhite†312010LF312012LF312015LF

SIGNMATE II™ tubing is first coated with a color stain that is baked-on, then with EGL’s proprietary phosphors, the pre-staining step resulting in added color vividness and intensity. Available in five select colors, SIGNMATE II™ tubing is excellent for borders. Care should be used if tight bending patterns are required as bend “washout” may occur.

EGL Signmate II™ 4-Foot Double Coated Tubing

HP Neo Blue†335010LF335012LF335015LF
New Clear Gold315110LF315112LF315115LF
VP Green II315210LF315212LF315215LF
Clear Brite Yelllow II315010LF315012LF315015LF

† non-stock item